Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snowpocalypse! (old buried post)

Things To Do When You're Snowed In

* If you've had enough warning about the hearing about it three days in advance, down to a starting point such as 3pm on Tuesday afternoon, you'll probably want to hit the grocery store for essentials. Don't buy the entire store out in a panic, just get what you need...toilet paper, ingredients for food and some snacks, batteries for the flash light just in case, and most important of all, booze.

* Don't worry too much about your husband driving home that night. He will power that beat up little Honda Civic through the worst blizzard since 1967, screaming, "THIS IS AWESOME!" through the white out. That is the man you have married.

* However, when parking in the indoor parking garage nearby (good idea!), open the door to get your ticket because if you roll down the power window? It might not roll back up, and then your car will get filled with snow during the night.

* Nature can be awesome. THUNDERSNOW!

* If you work from home, my apologies. No snow day for you.

*If you're a student, you don't get an extra week to do your homework. Get it done, and email it in. Thanks technology!

* When you're snowed in, you will want to bake. Hopefully you bought enough ingredients to indulge this. Blueberry cinnamon muffins, mmm!

* Sure, there's two feet of snow on the ground, but that's not an excuse not to go out in it! Go explore. You'll find the happiest dogs and kids ever. Poor adults will all be shoveling out their cars. Sweeping snow from the interior is no big deal at all compared to that!

* Take pictures. Especially if you live by the lake.

Wow! I remember trying to publish this blog when the blizzard happened, but I thought blogger ate it. Turns out it was just hiding as a draft. No reason not to post it now, although I doubt anyone wants to think about snow at this point.

music and madness and some laziness too

It's my day off today and I'm being entirely too lazy. Laziness is my fundamental problem in life. I just missed yoga class because I got caught up in looking at pictures of tattoos. I woke up a little late today, so yoga probably wasn't going to happen anyway. Oh well, I'll do some yoga at home and then go jogging. It's gorgeous out and I won't be able to do that soon. It's still shocking to me that I've started running since I hated it so much when I was a kid. Then again, jogging by the lake is a whole different animal than jogging in my loathsome junior high gym. I'm not interested in gyms or running on a treadmill so I'll stick with yoga classes over the winter.

Despite my inherent laziness, October is always a big month here in the robot-pixie house. Tonight I'm blowing off class going to be really really sick, and the only way to cure it will be going to see Portishead play at the Aragon. Then next week we're taking a quick trip out to the Quad Cities to watch the Indelicates play in a small intimate setting, then the last Friday of the month we'll see them again in Chicago at a much bigger venue, which should be interesting. And of course I already took off the weekend of Halloween, cuz that's our holiday. Why do I love Halloween so much? Besides the fact that it isn't very hard to convince me to dress up and put on a costume? I consider it the perfect holiday because it's not about spending time with your family and eating a big meal and breaking the bank on presents for people. It's about throwing on some fake blood and having a fantastic time with all your friends. Not that I don't like spending time with my family or buying presents for people, but that does pale in comparison to finding the perfect costume and dancing your ass off in it. I love the rampant creativity this holiday inspires.

So that's what's on the agenda this month. Music and madness. Now I better go take a jog so I look good in my slutty Halloween costume.