Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogging about blogging

I haven't updated this blog very much. Why is that? I love writing and when I do update I feel accomplished and proud of what I put out there. So why am I posting once every few months? And promising to post more, then not doing it?

The simple answer is that between work and school, I have a lot going on. Which is true...when school is in session there's a lot that I need to get done and anything creative is put on the back burner. On the other hand, I always have the time to check facebook. Why is it so hard to find the time to do something enriching instead of something passive?

It isn't that I don't have ideas. I love reading design blogs and craft blogs and food blogs and fashion blogs. I'm not opposed to incorporating a little of each of those into this. I've probably written more about food than anything else, so why not turn this into a food blog? Trench and I are getting back into the swing of decorating our place and have bought some new fixtures for it, so why not post some pictures of my new light fixture or new dishware? I love dressing up and I'm attempting to break old habits (like only wearing black and red). Why not post some pictures of outfits? I think that with each of those ideas, I get worried that no one would want to read about it. I worry that posting about trying to eat healthy would make people roll their eyes and think of me as an HTTH (Holier Than Thou Hippie), or if I posted pics of outfits that people would think I was bragging or vain. Suddenly the challenge becomes how to incorporate some self-deprecation into what I'm trying to say. There's also a fear of putting too much personal stuff out into the public.

It's all so silly, because the only people even reading this thing are my friends, who are the most supportive people in the universe. It's not like I have an audience. Then I get depressed because secretly I would love to have a blog that went viral and had a large amount of people reading it (or so I think anyway...the reality might not be as fun as I think). Years ago I started a blog about working in a spa. It was a really good idea, and the type of thing that probably could have gained an audience because there's nothing else like it out there. The flipside is that it meant writing about my job on my off hours, so it languished until I couldn't even remember what my password was to get in.

So I'm going to make the promises again about posting more. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be self-deprecating, it doesn't have to be that interesting even. It just has to be out there. I can even make a game where one week I pretend to be a design blog and another week I'll pretend to be a fashion blog. Who knows, eventually maybe something will stick. Till then, I'll just keep throwing spaghetti at the wall.


  1. Jess,

    Maybe we could do this together - push each other to blog a little more regularly. I have that whole work & school excuse, too, but you're right - I still check Facebook (and these days, take OKC quizzes) regularly and if I can find time for that, I *should* be able to find time to write more. I recently (well, as recently as November, anyway) moved my blog over here:
    And I haven't written a thing since. So maybe I should get on that. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  2. You're welcome! And yes, let's encourage each other to write more.

  3. I relate to so much of this. The wanting more people to read while also being nervous that people will read and be mean or critical. The concern about discussing too many topics rather than focusing on something coherent. Yes.

    But I have a lot of interests, so whatever, I'm just going to write about what I want to talk about. And I find that when I just POST already, rather than overthinking what to post about, I get a lot more out of it. I might be boring as hell to everyone else, but fundamentally I'm writing for myself.

    (Ask me again the next time I post something nobody comments on, though. ;) )