Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Stages of Sickness

Monday: Hmm. My chest is tight and I'm coughing. I'd better have an Emergen-C and drink lots of tea today. Green tea has antioxidants!

Tuesday: Cough, cough, hack, wheeze. Not feeling good, but still mobile. I cancel an appt I had with a friend so she won't catch my gross germs, but still meet her for lunch and Christmas shopping. Drink lots of water, Emergen-C and more tea. I schedule a haircut appt for Sunday because surely I'll be better by then!

Wednesday: Go to my internship where I'm transcribing an oral history. Keep sipping on my water bottle, and push through. The library is freaking cold! Go home and take a hot shower that feels so good. Trench makes chili that I douse with Sriracha sauce. I will burn the bacteria out of me!

Thursday: Drag my sick ass into work. Decline going home early because it's holiday time and I need to make some money. Take a Sudafed, drink lots of water, order spicy Thai food, and drink a hot toddy.

Friday: The virus has moved up into my sinuses. I'm off today, so I hole up on Couch Island with my cat, a box of tissues, and endless cups of herbal tea. I celebrate 12/21/2012 by watching every apocalypse themed episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After a day of rest, I should be better by tomorrow, right?

Saturday: Drag myself to work again. Take a Sudafed and it does absolutely nothing. Barely drink any water because what's the fucking point? Same with tea and Emergen-C. Antioxidants have failed me. Fuck off, hydration. Go home, eat some dinner, try to sleep and fail. I have my haircut appt tomorrow and I really want to go.

Sunday: Cancel hair appt. Today shall be the hunt for antibiotics. Minute Clinic, here I come.

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