Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Dog People

Trench and I have two cats, Puck and Bowie.
pretty bowie
Almost all of my friends are cat folk, to the point where we all got or kittens around the same time, after college when we started living on our own. Now we're all in our 30's and our cats are becoming elderly. There is no adoption of new kittens because it would upset them, and puppies are out of the question. I don't really consider myself a "cat person" because I love all animals. I grew up with a dog and love them, but as far as city living in an apartment goes, cats win hands down. I keep saying that I'll get a dog someday, when Puck and Bowie "go to college", but if I do I might adopt a kitten at the same time because I can't imagine life without a cat.

Does this make me a crazy cat lady? Perhaps. Most of my coworkers have dogs and we allow dogs in our workplace, so I've gotten to know a lot of dog owners, and I'm beginning to wonder exactly who is crazy. Yes, I love my cats. I post pictures of them and tell funny stories about them and one of them is being snuggly as I write this. But you know what I don't do? Buy them clothes. Put booties on them. Get their pictures taken with "Santa Paws". Take them to "kitty day care" while we're at work. Decline getting a drink after work because we have to walk the cat. Take them outside no matter how cold or rainy or early it is.

Cats aren't as independent as people say they are. Cats are very attached to their people, and can be very needy in their own way. They cry if they aren't getting a proper amount of attention, they hog the covers on the bed and they don't beg for treats, they demand them. But still? I don't have to pick up their poop outside in a little plastic baggie. If I ever get a dog, I'll probably do most of that list with the day care and dressing them up for Halloween, and hell, even Santa Paws. For right now, I'll stick with my inexpensive, low maintenance cats, who only need someone to check in once a day when we go on vacation, and don't need to be taken outside every day at six in the morning.

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  1. For the record, Cecil's coat and boots are purely functional, for when it's cold out and when there's a lot of chemical ice melt on the sidewalks. The fact that he's cute wearing them is purely coincidental.

    Hi to Bowie, and hi (from a few feet away) to Puck! :)